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Aura Life

Sahara Half-Moon Vase - Mini

Sahara Half-Moon Vase - Mini

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Inspired by the gently wind-carved sand dunes, our Sahara Collection pays homage to the distinct and ever-changing contours shaped by nature’s hand. Much like the dunes themselves, each meticulously crafted piece ensures unique and unrepeated results.

Crafted from recycled groggy stoneware clay, each item undergoes a single firing process and is adorned with a raw finish. With its rough, earthy textures, the Sahara Half-Moon Vase is ideal for soft, clean spaces while commanding attention as a captivating centerpiece in maximalist interiors.

Each piece is handmade and unique, so there might be subtle differences in shape and form.

Dimensions: 5H x 6.5W x 4.5D in
Weight: 615g. (Approx)

Delivery time: 7-14 days.

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